The French property market offers both domestic and international property investors an unrivalled opportunity for stable and profitable medium to long-term property investment. Owing to the country’s position as the world’s number 1 tourist destination, generous property investor incentives are available to both domestic and international investors. These incentives can enable the property investor to benefit from generous rebate incentive schemes, excellent purchase terms and virtually tax-free rental income. Mortgage interest rates are also at historic lows with purchasers able to benefit from high level LTV’s of up to 100% of the purchase priceĀ  (subject to status) with rates fixed from around 1.5% for the life of the mortgage term. This is unique to the French property market and can assist inventors to plan and capitalise on their property investment like no other property market.

If you’re considering investing in the world’s number one tourist destination talk to us today about how we can assist you to make the very most of your next property investment. With our partners we assist our clients with every aspect of property investment including, mortgage finance, accountancy and tax returns, investor rebates and full property management to name a few and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and the very best ways to Invest in French property!