Invest in French Property is a property investment consultancy for those who are interested in purchasing property in France for investment, either as a pure investment or for a mix of second home and investment or to rent out initially with a view to residency or spending more time in France in later years. Quite simply, we save our clients significant amounts of time and money. We work with you to identify the perfect property investment opportunity from hundreds of available opportunities and with our wealth of experience accompanied by the professional services of our strategic partners (mortgage brokers, accountancy services, property managers etc) we enable our clients to invest correctly thereby creating a significant increase in your Return On Investment (ROI) from day one, while making the process completely hassle free.

Please find below a comparison purchase example for a standard purchase and a typical client investor purchase. Not only do our clients benefit from our expertise in relation to the very best investment opportunities and projects that are available throughout France, but our clients benefit from significant savings both at the point of purchase and once the property investment is up and running and generating income.


Standard Property Investment Purchase:

Property Price: €400,000

Mortgage: 75% Loan to Value. Mortgage €300,000 (subject to status)

Deposit: €100,000

Average Notary fees/closing fees: 4% €16,000

Mortgage Broker Fees: 1.5% of the loan amount (min. €5,000) €5,000

Year one accountancy fees (set-up, VAT rebate reclaimed and first year property income tax return) €2,500

Total Net Investment Requirement: €123,500


Typical Client Investor Purchase:

Purchase Price: €400,000

Mortgage: 75% Loan to Value: €300,000 (subject to status)

Deposit: €100,000

Notary Fees/closing fees: 0%*

Mortgage Broker Fees: €5,000

Year one accountancy fees: (set-up, VAT rebate reclaimed and first year property income tax return) €0

French Government Investor Rebate (VAT): €66,500

Net Investment Required: €38,500 


Client’s total saving €85,000

The savings shown above equate to a purchase of exactly the same property in France when purchase in the correct manner for investment. 

Due to the French government property investor schemes that are available to investors who purchase their property in the correct manner and under the correct schemes, your rental income will also be tax free.

If you purchase property for investment correctly France, there really is no better place to invest.

Talk to us today about how we can assist you to Invest in French Property in the best possible way!




*Please note: not all projects will be available with zero notary fees and this offer will depend on the project selected by the client. Client’s maximum contribution where notary fees are not fully included will be 2.5% of the purchase price. All figures and fees shown are for illustrative purposes only and do not form any part of any contract,