The Grand Paris Express is part of the Grand Paris project announced in 2007 to develop Greater Paris into a sustainable metropolitan area. The project is ongoing with various sections to be completed between now and 2030.

The Grand Paris Express will create four new automatic metro lines around Paris and extend two existing lines for a combined length of 205 km. These lines and the construction of 68 new stations. This will have a tremendous impact on the neighbourhoods it will connect to. 

As a result, 186 urban development projects, to be completed by are currently underway in the 35 districts surrounding the Grand Paris Express stations.  

Within 10 years, these projects will result in the construction of 84,000 housing units, 2.5 million sqm of office space, and more than 2.1 million sqm of other business space. 

Paris is committed to minimizing the carbon footprint of its upcoming 2024 Olympic Games. To achieve this, new construction projects associated with the event will use 100% bio-sourced materials and 100% green energy. The Olympic Village is to be built as an eco-neighbourhood of 3,500 apartments. 

The Grand Paris express is to transform the Greater Paris area into a major global urban center, improving the living conditions of residents while addressing territorial inequalities. The main component of the project is the extension of existing Metro lines and the addition of new lines to make up the Grand Paris Express (GPE). Relying on the creation of this new transportation network, the project will develop new economic centers around Paris, linking them to the city, the TGV stations and airports, as well as constructing over 1.5 million homes around the new stations.

Property in these peripheries, specifically surrounding the 68 new stations connected to the transportation system, are expected to rise very quickly over the coming decade and with Paris hosting of the Olympic Games in 2024 now is a a great time to invest in Paris and excellent value is still available in truly wonderful projects in and around Paris.

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